Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
TRI1 head right The Dioscuri stg. facing one another, each holding spear and grapes AE24, 11.4 Collection; BMC Phoenicia pg. 221, 108; SNG Copenhagen - , SNGuk_0102_0462 ; BMC Phoenicia No. 108 p.221; Vismara pp.196 No. 78-87; SNG Swiss II No. 2310; Mionnet Sup. Vol. 8; No. 257, p.292; Mionnet Vol. 5; No.449, p.405;
SNG Vol: IV Fitzwilliam Musuem TRI2 draped bust right Sailing ship; above, two pilci AE25, 11.9g Babington, p. 26.108; SNG Swiss 3285; Macdonald Vol. 3 pp. 261, No. 23; Rouvier Nr. 1745; Vismara pp.196 No. 74-77; SNG Leake 6074;
TRI3 draped and curiassed bust right Temple 8-columed frontal view containing statue of Astarte, flanked by 2 Tetrastyle wings surmounted by pediments AE17, 5.3g Vismara pp.196 No. 58-70 citing Rouvier Nr. 1744; BMC Phoenicia 221 Nr. 107; ANS 1944.100.72616