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n/a SAM1 (draped bust right) Standing Athlete, holding in the upright hand a crown and in the left a palm AE22, Mionnet Vol. 3; No.202, p.289;
SAM1 (draped bust right) Artemis Ephesia stg. to front arms outstretched circa 5.0g Ebay sales July 2006;
n/a SAM2 draped bust right Hera standing, clothed in paldamentum, holding in right hand a cornucopia and in the left a sceptre AE25 Kraft, Plate 12, Nr. 25; Mionnet Vol. 3; No.203, p.289;
SAM2 draped bust right Male (Zeus?) stg. l. with wreath & sceptre (or laurel and staff) AE23, 10.13g ANS 1998.18.60; cf. Cop. 1748, Mabbott,; Lindgren III 408; ISEGRIM 100115;