Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
n/a SAG1 head right Apollo seated l. stool, beside column with a lyre AE20, 4.3g ISEGRIM 27550; BMC 18 S245,27; SLG WEBER 7413; SNG France 3 1802
n/a SAG2 head right Hades seated l. leaning on sceptre, Cerberus at feet - SNG BN Paris 1806, Münzen & Medaillen 16 Lot 811
n/a SAG3 head right Hades (Zeus / Serapis) sitting l. on throne with staff Cerberus at feet AE20, 5.5g ISEGRIM 98279; SNG France 3 1804; SLG Waddington 3854
n/a SAG4 head right Helmeted nude male stg. before altar with r. arm raised AE15, 2.2g ISEGRIM 101458; ANS 1998.18.99, cf. BMC 28, Lindgren III, A718a
n/a SAG5 draped bust right Harpokrates, nude, raising hand to lips, with cornucopia 3.0g ISEGRIM 24247; SNG AUL 5177; ISEGRIM 98220; SNG France 3 1807
n/a SAG6 head right Lacedaemon stg. l. with helmet AE18 BMC 18 S245,28; ISEGRIM 33055; SNG France 3 1805; SLG Waddington 3855
SAG7 draped and curiassed bust right Lacedaemon in military attire crowned by city goddess AE29 Sear 3009 citing BMC 19.244.25; SNG Cop. 32 207; ISEGRIM 33071; SNG France 3 1801; Mionnet Vol. 2; No.124, p.514;
SAG8 draped bust right Pan stg. r. hand raised over alter, stag at feet AE18, 3.4 SNG BN Paris 1806; Münzen & Medaillen 16 Lot 811; ISEGRIM 98362
n/a SAG9 draped bust right Tyche with rudder and cornucopia AE29 -
n/a SAG10 draped bust right Warrior stg. holding patera and bow - ANS 1944.100.52067
n/a SAG11 draped and curiassed bust right Zeus seated l. on stool, with Nike and staff humped bull (zebu) AE32, 14.5 ISEGRIM 98289; SLG Waddington 3854; SNG France 3 1800; SNG Hunter 2104;