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n/a HYP1 draped bust right Cup, narrow stemmed, with snake entwined AE17 Sear 2993 citing B.M.C. 13.202.7; Wadd. RG S612,62 BMC Pontus 7, p.202; ISEGRIM 1561; BMC 11 S202,7; Mionnet Vol. 2; No.432, p.490;
n/a HYP2 head right Eagle facing, head r. wings spread AE16 ISEGRIM 51405; Wadd. RG S612,63; SLG Waddington 534
n/a HYP3 draped bust right Eros, cross legged, overing libation over lit altar AE18 Wadd. RG,61 pp.611
n/a HYP4 draped bust right Hygieia feeding snake from patera AE20 ISEGRIM 16654; Wadd. RG S611,60
n/a HYP5 head right Nemesis stg. with cubit rule and bridle AE21 Wadd. RG S612,64; ISEGRIM 13348
n/a HYP6 head right Tyche stg. AE20, 3.9g ANS 1976.156.2