Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
n/a MOP1 draped and cuirassed bust right Artemis stg r.. between altar behind and stag in front, reaching for arrow behind back AE28, 14.0g Aulock AA 1963 67; SNG France 2 1991; COLL PARIS 776; SLG Wadd. 4392; ISEGRIM 16193;
n/a MOP2 draped and cuirassed bust right Athena stg l.., with spear, helmet and shield, holding victory in outstretched right hand AE27, 12.0g AULOCK AA 1963 66A; SNG France 2 1990; ISEGRIM 11353;
MOP3 cuirassed bust right Crab AE20, 5.6g Collection; CNG 53, Lot: 58 SNG Lev. Supp. 318, G&M 138 Lot 1753; ISEGRIM 49448; SNG France 2 1992; Aulock 68;
MOP4 radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right Flaming altar with lions feet, crayfish or crab underneath AE26, 8.3g Aulock AA 1963 69A; COLL PARIS 775; SNG France 2 1993; Mionnet Vol. 7; No. 311, p.312;
MOP5 draped bust right Satyr stg. l. with reed 15.0g ISEGRIM 29863; SNG Levante 1351; SNG PFALZ 6 942