Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
n/a DOR1 draped and curiassed bust right Artemis walking r. with bow - Aulock Phygien. 2 246; SLG Waddington 5971
n/a DOR2 draped bust right Nemesis stg. l. with cubit rule, wheel, hand raised AE24, 8.4g Sear 3004 citing Von Aulock 3562; ISEGRIM 13388
n/a DOR3 - Poseidon stg. l. foot on river god (Tembris) with dolphin and trident 4.3g Aulock Phygien 2 247; ISEGRIM 33445; BMC 17 S100,177; IMHOOF KM S212,23; SNG Cop. 29 219