Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
n/a COT1 head right Athena stg. with helmet and spear AE23, 6.4g SCHOLZ NZ 1901 S46,93; ISEGRIM 11360
COT2 draped bust right Legend within wreath AE19, 2.9g Collection; ANS 1944.100.50364; Mionnet 466; G&M142 Lot 1195; ISEGRIM 41966; BMC 17 S170,59; SNG AUL 3783; SNG Fitz 4959; Sear 3002 citing BMC 25.170,58; Mionnet Vol. 3; No.466, p.271;
n/a COT3 draped bust right Two joined hands AE20 Mionnet Vol. 3; No.467, p.271;