Diadumenian from Cibyra in Phrygia - Article

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CIB1 draped and curiassed bust of Macrinus right facing draped and curiassed bust of Diadumenian left Amazon std. facing wearing ornate headdress, holding spear and axe in l. hand and holding patera over lit alter with r. hand AE44, 61.3g Sear 2979 citing Von Aulock 3738;
CIB2 draped bust right Dionysus l. with thyrsos and kantharos, panther at feet AE42, 32g ANS 1944.100.50342; Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger 366 Lot 789; Hunterian Coll. II, S. 482 No. 4; ISEGRIM 31707; SNG Hunter 1931; Mionnet Vol. 7; No. 253, p.536;
CIB3 draped bust right Tyche stg. holding rudder and cornucopia AE21, 8.7-10.1g Collection; SNG Cop. 29 292; ISEGRIM 14837; SNG von Aulock 3740; Head 57-59; Mionnet Vol. 3; No.390, p.261;
CIB4 head right Wicker basket AE20 4.0g Sear 3001 citing BMC 25.141.60; ISEGRIM 23132; SNG AUL 3741; BMC 17 S141,60; Head 60
CIB5 head right Zeus Hypsibremetes seated l., holding thunderbolt and sceptre; eagle at his feet. AE32, 19.0g Collection; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock 3739; Lindgren & Kovacs 923 (this coin); ISEGRIM 28811 ; BMC 17 S141,56; SNG TUEBINGEN 4101; SLG MC CLEAN; SNG AUL 3739; Head 56; Mionnet Vol. 3; No.391, p.261;