Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
n/a BYZ1 Bare head right Athena stg. l., holding patera and spear; next to her shield Approx AE25, Moushmov 3359; Mionnet Supp. 2; No. 360 , p263;
n/a BYZ2 Bare head right Bunch of grapes Approx AE19, Moushmov 3361; Mionnet Supp. 2; No. 361 , p263;
n/a BYZ3 Bare head right Burning altar Approx AE22, Moushmov 3363; Mionnet. Supp. 2;No. 363 , p263;
BYZ4 draped and cuirassed bust right Crescent moon and star AE18 Collection; Moushmov 3364; Mionnet Supp. 2;No. 362 , p263;
BYZ5 draped and cuirassed bust right Galley under sale AE23, 7.5g BMC Thrace 90; Varbanov 1443, CNG mbs 69 Lot 932; Sear 2987 citing BMC 3.104,90; Mionnet. Supp. 2; No. 359 , p263;
n/a BYZ6 (Bare head right) Victory stg., holding wreath and palm - Moushmov 3360;