Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
APA1 draped bust right Artemis advancing r. with bow, cape flying behind AE19, 4.1g Collection; BMC 17 S100,178; Head 178;
n/a APA2 draped bust right Dioscuri stg. with spears and swords AE27, 7.2g ISEGRIM 38762; SNG AUL 3504
APA2a draped bust right Emperor standing left, right arm raised, spear in left arm 11.55g Helios Numismatik 3, No.545
n/a APA3 draped bust right Tyche stg. with rudder and cornucopia 7.0g SNG Cop. 29 218; ISEGRIM 14798
n/a APA4 draped and cuirassed bust right Poseidon, naked standing left with one foot on prow, holding on extended r. dolphin and restig with l. on trident AE20 Head 177;
APA5 draped and curiassed bust right Zeus seated l., naked to waist with Nike in right hand and sceptre in left, eagle at feet AE30 Collection; Sear 3000 citing BMC 25.100.176; ISEGRIM 28840; BMC 17 S100,176; Head 176; Van Lennep 1902