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ANA1 draped and curiassed bust right Nike in biga r., with trophy AE28, 13.1g ANS 1944.100.53066; ZieglerAn.331.5; SNG Levante 1417; Lindgren III 778; ISEGRIM 100874; SNG France 2 2057-2059; Mionnet Vol. 2; No.77, p.552;
n/a ANA2 draped bust right Nike, foot on globe, inscribing shield AE24, 7.4g ZIEGLER KAISER 323; ISEGRIM 7063
ANA3 draped and curiassed bust right Nikes (two) holding central shield, palm AE28 18.0g ANS 1944.100.53066; Ziegler An.331.5; SNG Levante 1417; ISEGRIM 103827; SNG PFALZ 6 159; SNG France 2 2055-2056; Wadd. 4131;
n/a ANA4 draped bust right Zeus, laureate bust l. AE31 Sear 3012 citing BMC 21.34.16; Mionnet Vol. 2; No.78, p.552;
n/a ANA5 draped bust right Zeus, bearded and robed AE30, 14.6g ISEGRIM 23076; ZIEGLER KAISER 328; BMC 19 S34,16; COLL BM 1892.6.11.60; SEAR GIC 3012 (poss. same as above)