Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
n/a ADA1 draped bust right City goddess on rock, Saros (river god) swimming l. at feet AE36, 16-18g Sear 3010 citing Von Aulock 8659; ISEGRIM 9086; Levante NC 1984, p91, 196
ADA2 draped bust left Figure holding patera over altar l. AE32, 19.63g NumChron 144, 1984, Nr.195; G&M 115 Lot 1243; Lindgren 1392A; ISEGRIM 33690; Levante NC 1984 pp.91,195; IMHOOF RSN 1913 S93,265; Mionnet Vol. 2; No.78, p.563;
n/a ADA3 draped bust left Nike walking l. with wreath in r. hand and palm in l. 18.8g, AE38 Levante NC 1984 pp91,199; ISEGRIM 6233; Mionnet Vol. 2; No.77, p.563;