Sinope - A brief summary

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SIN1 draped bust right Genius stg. l. with cornucopia, l. hand on column AE23, 8.8g Numismatik Lanz München; Auction 125; November 28th, 2005 Lot number: 906
n/a SIN2 draped bust right Hermes stg. l. with purse in r. hand and kerykeion in l. - Lanz, 125 lot 906; ISEGRIM 32573; Wadd. RG S207B,144; Cohen 41; Mellange I pl. xix. No.3
n/a SIN3 draped bust right Hades (Serapis) seated l. with staff and polos, Cerberus below AE33 ISEGRIM 28081; Wadd. RG S207B,144A; BMC 18 S244,26; SNG AUL 5176
SIN4 draped bust right Serapis standing left, right hand raised, holding sceptre in left AE30, 13.5g Collection; unpublished