Click thumb for more detail Number Obverse Reverse Size / Weight Other References
NIC1 draped bust right Athena standing left, with spear and shield AE28, 13.49g 170o Collection;
NIC2 draped bust right Demeter stg. with torch and corn ears within six columned temple, in pediment, eagle with wings open AE31, 16.4g ISEGRIM 43169; SLG HUNTER S254,16; Wadd. RG S551,271; SNG Hunter 1119;
na NIC2 draped bust right Demeter veiled, standing, holding Úpis in right hand and in left, a lit torch AE25 Mionnet Supp. 5; No. 1199, p.203; Mionnet Vol. 2; No. 351, p.474
na NIC2 draped bust right Eagle facing with wings spread AE25 Mionnet Supp. 5; No. 1200, p203
NIC3 draped bust right Nemesis stg. with cubit rule AE28 Wadd. RG S551,272; ISEGRIM 13341
NIC4 draped bust right Serpent AE18 Collection; ISEGRIM 49638; Wadd. RG S551,273
na NIC2 Bare head right Zeus sitting, patera in right hand and sceptre in left AE35 Mionnet Supp. 5; No. 1198, p.203;