Friedrich Franz II

Preceeded by: Paul Frederick, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg
Reign: 7/3/1842-15/4/1883
Succeeded by: Frederick Francis III, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg

Friedrich Franz II
1870 1 Thaler
Silver 0.9000
Weight: 18.52g, 33mm
mintage: 100,000
Mint: Berlin
Friedrich Franz II

Titles: Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Born: 28-2-1823
Died: 15-4-1883
Father: Paul Friedrich
Mother: Princess Alexandrine of Prussia
Married to: Princess Augusta Reuss of Köstritz
Children: Frederick Francis III, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg (1851-1897)
Paul Friedrich (1852-1923)
Marie (1854-1920)
Nikolaus (1855-1856)
Johann Albrecht (1857-1920)
Alexander (1859-1859)
Married to: Princess Anna of Hesse and by Rhine
Children: Anne (1865-1882)
Married to: Princess Marie of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Children: Elizabeth (1869-1955)
Friedrich Wilhelm (1871-1897)
Adolf Friedrich (1873-1969)
Heinrich (1876-1934)

Flag of Mecklenburg-Schwerin - late 1863-1918 Location of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Coat of Arms of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Frederick Francis II was born on February 28th 1823 and rulled from 1842 until his death on April 15th 1883. He was born in Schloss Ludwigslust and became heir apparant in 1837 following the death of his great grandfather after whom he was named. He had the benefit of a private education until he went to the Blochmann Institute in Dresden in 1838 and then on to the University of Bonn where he studied philosophy and theology. During the second Schleswig war he served on the general staff of field marshall von Wrangel. During the Austro Prussian war he was in command of the forces that occupied Leipzig abd which laid siege to Nuremburg. During the Franco Prussian war he was made Governor General or Reims and commanded the forces laying siege to Toul. He defended the Prussian forces during the Diege of Paris and defeated French forces at the battles of Beaune-le-Rolande and Beaugency. He held both the ranks of Prussian General and that of a Russian General Field Marshall. Frederick Francis II was also a Lutherian.

The Grand-ducal house of Meclenburg was the only reigning family in Europe of Slavic origin and it claimed to be the oldest sovereign house in the Western World. The ruling dukes full title included "Princes of the Vandles" and they can trace their decent back to Genseric, King of the Vandles who ravage Spain and Portugal in the 5th century. The states of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and Mecklenburg-Schwerin were one state prior to 1701, but at that date the separation took place.

Fredrick Franz had no civil list nor any other grant from the state. His income consisted of the revenue of the domains and it was valued at 800,000 thalers per annum. He also was the sole owner of a railway running from Gustrow to Neu-Brandenburg, a distance of 55 miles. The court expenditure ran at some 550,000 thalers (more than the administration of the state). The Crown estates comprised nearly one-fifth of the entire duchy and were valued at 80,000,000 thalers and also considered to be the private property of the duke.

The army commanded by Fredrick Franz II was relatively small consisting in 1863 of: Click here

The entire population in 1861 consisted of 548,449 individuals on 4,834 square miles of land. The laws of the land and conditions had changed little from feudal times. Indeed in 1864 a bill was passed allowing landed proprietors to condem labourers for simple "neglect of service" and a weeks imprisonment and 25 blows of a stick. According to the 1858 census the denominations of the inhabitants were:
Religion Number
Lutherans 537,986
Roman Catholics 882
Calvinists 168
Jews 3,112

It is of note that the latter were not allowed, by law, to settle in any part of the Grand-duchy.

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