Friedrich I

Preceeded by: Ludwig II, Grand Duke of Baden
Reign: 22/1/1858-28/9/1907
Succeeded by: Frederick II, Grand Duke of Baden

Friedrich I
1859 1 Thaler
Silver 0.9000
mintage: 288,760
Mint: ?
MM: -
Friedrich I

Titles: Grand Duke of Baden (1856-1907)
Born: 9/9/1826
Died: 28/9/1907
Father: Leopold, Grand Duke of Baden
Mother: Grand Duchess Sophie
Married to: Princess Louise of Prussia
Children: Frederick II, Grand Duke of Baden (1857-1928)
Queen Victoria of Sweden (1862-1930)
Prince Ludwig of Baden (1865-1888)
Flag of Baden 1862-1871
Location of Baden
Coat of Arms of Baden

Friedrich I was born on September 9th 1926 and was Grand Duke of Baden from 1856 until his death in 1907. In general he was considered a liberal and supported a constitutional monarchy. During his rule civil marriages were introduced in Baden. His daughter Victoria, married King Gustav V of Sweden to become queen there. He was present at the proclaimation of the German Empire at Versailles in 1871 as he was a sone in law of the Emperor. He died at his summer residence at the island of Mainau (today owned by the Kennart Bernadotte Foundation - created by his great, great, grandsone Count Lennart Bernadotte.)
The title of Grand duke was given by Napoleon to Margrave Karl Friedrich of Baden in 1806 and he also gained numerous small provinces which increased the size of the duchy four times.

The ruling house, of which Friedrich is the head, is the only instance where the offspring of a morganatic marriage assended the throne. With Grand duke Ludwig, who died in 1830, the legitimate line of ended and the reigning family in Bavaria, the next of kin, were at the point of taking possession when Leopold (who was the offspring of a morganatic match of the preceding grand duke and a Madame von Geyersberg) came forward and proclaimed himself grand-duke. Bavaria threatened war and a large army arrived at the frontier but it was stopped in its agressive movements by the outbreak of the French Revolution in July 1830. The people of Baden took the side of their new grand-duke and King Ludwig of Bavaria withdrew his troops and contented himself with a solemn protest against the upstart. However the ruling family were never disturbed in any way by the other princes or kings.

The grand-duke's civil list amounts to some 752,490 florins or 62,700, which included the allowances for princes and princesses.

The army commanded by Friedrich I in 1863 consisted of: Click here

Although the ruling family are Protestant, Roman Catholics form the greater majority of Baden
Religion Number
Evangelical Protestants 445,539
Roman Catholics 896,683
Mennonites 1,221
Jews 24,099

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